MAP Project space, Gent, Belgium (2021)

LAND 2.0

The new landscape is no ordinary place of vegetation, wilderness, and land formations, but a global system of interlinked circuits, logistical arrangements, and production chains. It is not just a place where people live. It is a system of thousands and thousands of actors, trying to govern ecosystems as if they are pieces of a big chaotic net. The production processes of today will be the geology of tomorrow. The landscape of the future demands a different use of technologies and a new definition of the term ecosystem. Fragmented, it already inhabits different scales. Nothing remains constant: politics, economy, technology, nature, culture, and society. This is how the project of unification aims to assemble and organize the multitude of different vectors into a singular space that is universally defined as the planet itself.

The project Land 2.0 is a modular system that connects different areas of production and distribution. The objects that circulate within the work do not belong solely to its internal logic but engage in broader systems. This interconnectedness encourages a reflection on relationships between them and raises questions about their role in co-creating our different environments. Land 2.0 does not just ask questions, it is also structured as a platform for various workshops and intended to evolve in accordance with them.