City Art Gallery Ljubljana, Slovenia (2021)  Foto: Andrej Peunik/MGML


The work explores anti-LGBT rhetoric and propaganda, and their visual and verbal construction. A closer look at recent events shows us a shift in populist rhetoric, which now no longer creates enemies only from foreigners, migrants and immigrants, but also confronts other minority and marginalized groups. Homophobia and transphobia are becoming increasingly powerful political weapons in nationalist Europe. Vilification of members of minorities is one of the strategies in the process of autocratization. Through the propaganda machinery, an incoherent but emotionally effective value system is portrayed, reflected through the emotionally charged, selective, and manipulative use of symbols, slogans, and information, which together create the message that the values of the majority are under constant attack by both external and hidden internal enemies that exist in a vague but clearly malicious alliance. In this way, latent forms of hatred are activated for the purposes of manipulating the majority electorate. The works dissect the dictionary of these elements of hate speech, and reconstruct them to explore their emotional and non-rational effects, and the conspiratorial logic that connects them. In this way, they return these elements from the field of “information” to the field of art, thus painting the politically and ideologically charged background against which LGBTQ+ lives take place today.